Your Quick Guide to Auditing Your Website

Many online marketers who realise the value of employing SEO and other digital marketing services depend on providers like us. Some of them have this predisposition that everything should be entrusted to their online marketing agency.

This should not always be the case. Marketers must take a more proactive approach. They should perform an audit on their website so they will know the problems first hand. But let’s admit it; doing a comprehensive website audit is not easy, especially if you don’t have a thorough and working understanding of the technicalities surrounding your business. You will have to define the problem from different viewpoints, structure a flow of steps, and find the right tools. On top of that, you will have to deal with customers while you’re in the process of fixing everything.

Here at Nu Studio, part of our commitment is to help and empower our clients. We’ve simplified some website auditing processes to help you easily pinpoint the problems and choose the right solution. Read on to learn more.

The Links

Check if the website has any broken outbound links or links to empty pages. These problems may seem trivial, but they have an impact on your SEO game. In case you use a content management system, you can use a tool to detect these problems easily, saving you from doing a lot of manual work.

The Content

We’ll stray from the technicalities of the content for a while. As we mentioned in our previous blog entries, using too many keywords is part of the old school SEO. Focus on quality. More importantly, structure your content for lead generation and conversions. What you need to focus on more are the creation of calls-to-action, the optimisation of the landing pages, and the creation of product or service descriptions.

The Responsiveness of the Website

Keep in mind that your customers aren’t only accessing your website through their laptops or desktops. They don’t just browse your pages using a single browser. Knowing all these differences, it’s wise to check the responsiveness of your website. Check how your pages look on a smartphone screen or on a less popular browser.

The SEO-Friendliness of the Website

You have to see to it that your website is properly indexed by search engines. Search engine robots have elaborate ways of accessing and reading your website. Other than checking for dead links, you need to check how some of your website’s codes are applied. The structure of the links should be smart so that robots are able to crawl through each page and index it.

There are other factors you need to take into account. Among them are the loading speed of the site and the usage of Flash and JavaScript. Remember that this is just a streamlined process of auditing. It only gives you a limited peek into how your website is faring in the SEO game. We still recommend that you consult with us for a more comprehensive check-up. Contact us today to learn more.