Yes, It Happens: How Your Competitors Can Hurt Your Ranking

The moment you enter the world of search engine optimisation, you formally declare battle against your competitors—a battle of rankings, leads, and customers. A battle to stay on top of search engine results pages.

Not everyone, however, does things fairly. While you’re working your butt off to strengthen your online marketing efforts, reach more customers, and boost rankings, your competitors might be devising “black hat” strategies to pull you down. This may sound unfair and unethical, but it does happen. If you’re not careful, your competitors may trash all your hard work.

Here’s how your competitors might be hurting your site’s rankings:

Build You Bad Links

There’s a reason Google is constantly reminding webmasters to link only to reputable sites and to check back on the pages regularly to ensure they’re still worthy of a link. If a website loses authority using black hat SEO techniques, such as creating spam or linking to poor-quality pages, everyone linked to it will pay the price of lower rankings.

Some desperate websites use this tactic to bring down their competitors. They pay to have your links placed on poor-quality websites, so that your rankings plummet.

Write Negative Reviews about Your Brand

Review sites are a great place to establish your brand, build a name in the industry, and drive traffic to your site, but they can also tarnish your reputation. If there’s no reason for your company to receive negative reviews, but you’re actually getting them, your competitors might be responsible for it.

Check top review sites regularly and search for reviews that contain your brand or business name to see if you’re being targeted.

Create Spam under Your Name

Search engines use links to rank website on results pages. They consider not only the quantity of links, but their quality as well. Some websites are so desperate to obtain the number one spot that they add their competitors’ sites to several spam linking schemes to hurt their rankings.

Your competitors might also use your website’s URL for spamming on social networking sites, blog comments, and online forums. This may result in Google penalising your site and your page being banned from social networking sites.

Websites that aren’t good enough to compete harm their competitors instead. Contact us today and we’ll help you achieve your online marketing goals while protecting your site from desperate competitors.

photo credit: Photoforía