google thinks you're naughty

Why Google Thinks You’re a Naughty Boy

Earlier today a client asked a question about Google punishing over-optimisation. I thought it might be of general interest, so here you go…

Certainly over-optimisation was punished i.e. people who had 10,000 links all saying “plumber perth” did get knocked off the rankings pretty badly. It’s unclear in the SEO world whether they were truly punished, or if they simply stopped getting credit for the bad back links. For many reasons I suspect it is the latter.

Nu Studio have always had the policy to make link building look as natural as possible. That is why we use a blend of anchor text links towards our client’s websites. We use your URL, business name, keywords and “click here” and “read more” type links towards your site. This looks normal to Google as most people, if they were naturally linking, will use your business name or your URL.

Other things that were discredited were software generated links. In the past, SEO companies just plonked your web address, keywords, and an article into link building software and let that software spam the web with low quality content. Google have become better at detecting this kind of practice. Again, Nu Studio has never used this method of link building. We do everything manually. Yes, it takes more time, but our websites don’t fall foul to changing Google algorithms.