Why do people Google “Google.com.au” on Google.com.au?

I bet you are thinking I must be a bit silly to ask this question today.  However…

People do Google Google!

According to the Google search database 165,000 people per month in Australia go to Google.com.au and then perform a search for “Google.com.au”.  I’m totally baffled.  I can imagine that a few people might do it just for fun.  But why do so many people do it?  I have a couple of theories below.  But first…

Does Googling Google break the internet?

Did you ever hear this rumour?  About four years ago the internet was rife with these rumours.  Yahoo answers even had it posted as a “serious” question. Thank goodness the rumours turned out to be false, and the internet survived to be the wonderful place it is today.

Theories as to why

  1. People don’t understand how Google works
  2. People have too much time on their hands
  3. People are trying to confuse Google into an infinite loop
  4. People are trying to break the internet

The most likely answer is … er, I don’t know.  Just promise me you won’t Yahoo Yahoo.