When Content is pulling You down the Ranks

‘Content is king’ is a phrase we always hear in the world of search marketing. True to its meaning, content has become one of Google’s top standards when ranking websites. Well-written content can add value to your site and drive key visitors down the conversion funnel.

There are times, however, when content can do the exact opposite to your site and pull you down the ranks. With the changing algorithms and the evolving user behaviours, not all content can appeal to your target market and help you achieve higher rankings.
Here are some instances when content becomes ineffective for your search ranking strategies:

When You Have Too Many Keywords

Gone are the days when keywords ruled content. While keywords are still important search ranking factors, using too many of these in your content can raise a red flag. Google can detect if your site has a high number of keywords and send a penalty to your site. To stay in Google’s good graces, you need to follow the proper keyword density and provide content that is valuable to your target audience’s interests.

When You Have Pages with Duplicate Content

If the same content appears in different pages within your site, Google may view this as irrelevant or have trouble determining which of the two pages to index. When this happens, your site may suffer from traffic losses and a potential drop in rankings.

When You Have Too Many Links in Your Content

Just like in proper keyword use, too many links can be bad for your content – especially if they point to empty pages. As Google’s Penguin continues to purge spammy links, your site might suffer from serious repercussions if you participate in black hat linking strategies. To maintain high search rankings and avoid a hit from Google, make sure to use high authority and relevant links for your content.

Developing great content may be the most clich├ęd strategy in search engine optimisation, but some site owners still fail to adhere to Google’s guidelines. If you want to learn more about creating quality content and improving your rankings, Nu Studio would be more than glad to help. Contact us for more information about our search engine optimisation services.

photo credit: katerha