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What’s the Future Like for SEO 2014

The year 2013 has been packed with changes for marketers, but most of the world is now online and accessing all kinds of content from every direction. As content has evolved, marketing has faced challenges and new opportunities, and these are only expected to grow in the new year. These are some of the trends SEO aficionados can expect in 2014.

A Growing Competition

The Internet marketplace has always been competitive, but as Chartbeat showed in “A Day in the Life of Web Content,” an estimated 92,000 articles are posted every day. Publishers are now trying to come up with the best methods to produce engaging and catchy content for the lowest price. Content strategies will be important for small businesses to compete in the new marketplace. Marketers have to base content on how much effort a consumer will have to put into researching a product before purchase, and hopefully, they can eliminate some of the risk and doubt with a creative content strategy.

Focus on the Right Metrics

For the longest time, marketers paid too much attention to page views and traffic as a measure for success, but it’s actually metrics like bounce rate, return visitors and organic traffic that matter more. In addition, users may find exactly what they want from your site and bounce, but it’s not a bad metric to use if their view converted into a sale. Social metrics are also good measurements for content pieces. You can see which articles have the most shares and comments or created new faces on Facebook and Twitter pages. Social signals is playing more of a significant role as Google and other search engines have hinted at in more recent updates.

Mixing Up Content for New Devices

SEO will also have to focus on new devices that are transforming the way people view content. Viewing articles on a personal computer plays just a small role as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and wearables gain greater popularity in 2014. Businesses will need to integrate with their mobile consumers through apps and responsive web design in order to gain their interest and engage with social media users.

The new year promises many more changes, but it’s expected that companies will have to change their SEO and content strategies significantly to stay relevant and interactive with users.

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