Before, # was known as the number sign. But in the vernacular of technologists and seasoned online marketers, this sign is known as an aid in organising messages. Such is a term called ‘hashtag’. Unless you have been living under a rock, you have encountered this little yet powerful symbol. In case you know how hashtags exactly work, but pay no attention to them, you’re actually missing out a lot on your online marketing efforts.

Two of the biggest social media platforms are currently employing hashtags to sort messages—Twitter and Facebook. On the part of the users, hashtags add a layer of meaning to their messages and help them find like-minded people. Realising this, you should start using hashtags if you want to maximise customer engagement and make your marketing messages more encompassing. In case you have no idea where to start, or you believe your few attempts at using this technique are unsuccessful, refer to our tips below.

Promote Events

If you’re promoting a company event, use hashtags alongside your other advertisements to make the message last in the minds of your target audiences. For instance, use #WeHaveASale if your business is announcing that it is cutting prices. If you want to attract more participants to your conference, you may attach #ComeJoinUs to the end of your status messages announcing the event.

Promote a Cause

If you’re promoting a cause, you may use hashtags to make them more evocative. But you have to come up with something novel. A good example of this strategy is Ben & Jerry’s #FairTweets. This campaign asks users to donate their spare Twitter characters to highlight the significance of World Fair Trade Day.

Use them to Pick Winners

Run an online contest and select your winners through hashtags. In an occasion where you want to choose a random follower to reward, use the hashtag to find that follower who furthers your brand’s cause.

Keep These Unwritten Rules in Mind

Using hashtags for marketing purposes have some unwritten rules, and breaking them may jeopardise the online reputation of your business. Avoid using too many hashtags in one message. Don’t put too many words in one tag, and more importantly, aim for grammatical and political correctness at all times.

Using hashtags can improve your social media standing. To learn more about how you can maximise such social media techniques, contact us today or browse our other pages. Don’t forget to read up on our blog posts to enrich your online marketing knowledge.