Title Me This: What Marketers Should Know About Headlines

One oft-ignored but critical part of any content marketing and blogging strategy is the headline. Great content often goes to waste if its title doesn’t do a good job of capturing and retaining audience attention.

About 80 percent of online users will read headline copies, but only 20 percent will proceed and read the rest of the content. These figures only highlight how headlines and titles are just as important as the content itself. All the hard work that goes into writing a good, informative blog could be for nothing if your titles are boring.

Given the research that emphasises the importance of having the right headline, here are a few lessons and takeaways every marketer should know when creating titles and headlines. Boost any search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy with the following hacks:

Clear, Concise Headlines Will Never Go Out of Style

The volume of content on the Internet vying for audience attention will continue to grow. It’s important that clarity and conciseness be the pillars of your content and headline creation strategies.

Clear, concise headlines are here to stay. The easier it is to read and understand, the better chances it’ll be clicked on.

Promises are Meant to be Kept, Even on Headlines

Most headline writers and marketers employ a sense of sensationalism to encourage clicks. This, however, is a slippery slope.

Upworthy-style headlines, for example, have proven to be a hit for driving clicks over the past few months, but people are getting tired of it. Phrases like “what happened next will blow your mind” or “you won’t believe what happened next” no longer entice readers because these often don’t deliver.

While you may drive traffic, you will also hurt, or even ruin your reputation. When it comes to titles, tweets, or other posts, go strong but not stronger.

Content is a Long Battle

Content marketing is about building relationships with your audience, and this doesn’t happen with just a blog post or two. You need to handle the audience’s trust and relationship with the respect it deserves, and this applies to all content you put out, be it a tweet, a Facebook post, or a blog. Remember that content is a long play, and taking your titles too far could push readers away.

While titles and headlines are only a small part of content marketing and SEO, they are important elements. It’s the little things that count, as they say. If you want to know more about creating great content and improving your blog or site’s rankings, we’ll be glad to help. Get in touch with us now and learn more about our SEO services.