Things You Do That Actually Hurt Your Rankings

Mistakes do happen in the world of SEO. But they do not have to be cost you a lot, especially when you have a good handle on the rules. To maximise the benefits of your online marketing campaign, it pays to know which measures are effective and which are not. As some mistakes in SEO cannot be easily erased, you always have to be on the lookout for the factors that might affect your rankings.

With our help, you can track which mistakes will compromise your brand’s online presence. You can start with the following things:

Internal Pages

Your homepage is important when it comes to driving traffic and converting them to sales. But you must pay attention to the internal pages of your site, as well. Some online brands fail to include the other pages in their linking schemes, which is the reason their rankings do not improve at all. Keep in mind that search engines do not rank the homepage alone; they consider the entire site as a whole network of relevant pages.


They may seem not that much, but metadata plays a huge role in boosting your digital presence. With a good meta description and title tag, you can turn casual browsers into loyal customers. In just a couple of lines, you can create interest and increase the traffic to your site immediately.

Outdated Content

SEO is ever-changing: what may work now might not be so in the next few months. This means you have to update your site regularly. Outdated pieces of content would only hurt your rankings and make your site look less credible. Be on top of the latest news and adapt to the changes at the next minute.

Stuffed Keywords

Keywords make your site searchable but you do not have to stuff your site with keywords. It would just sound forced and flat your readers. Besides, search engines might flag you for stuffing obscene amounts of keywords. Be mindful of the keywords count and feel free to mix them up.

SEO is a both challenging and rewarding enterprise. Fortunately, you do not have to do it alone. At Nu Studio, we can help you put your brand at the digital forefront. We have the technical expertise to boost your online brand’s presence and multiply your sales. Get in touch with us now if you wish to learn more about our premier SEO services.

photo credit: starlights_