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The Power of Entity Search Now and Next Year

There’s no question that Google wants to be recognized as the “answer engine,” and along with that comes the importance of entity search after Google Hummingbird. Entities are people, places or things that can be recognized on your web page and answer specific user queries. Basically, marketers have to place more emphasis on user intent and understand what users are looking for with their searches. It’s also a more accurate way to describe your content for search engine bots. Entity search is incredibly important and will continue to be through the next year.

Understanding Structured Data and Semantic Search

Entity search is also called semantic search. With structured data, websites provide content that is easily crawled by search engine bots. Entity search can be explained using a sentence like “Pizza Hut sells pizza.” Pizza Hut is the subject, pizza is the entity and sells is the relationship that links the entities together. When a search engine bot looks for answers to user queries like “Where to find pizza,” search engines can easily provide an answer like the Pizza Hut website. This goes a step further when localized with geo location and local SEO.

Why Use Entity Search SEO Methods

Search engines like Google are in the business of understanding data rather than simply indexing it. Therefore the link that you provide between entities will greatly determine the relationship as understood by Google and place you at a higher ranking for certain queries and keywords. It will be important to provide machine-readable data on the web. This means that marketers will have to use more semantic markup when building SEO strategies and new websites. Sites like provide a collection of schemas for entity search that will be helpful including HTML tags.

The Importance of Business Data and Content Visibility

In the next age of content, entity search also plays a role for how visible your content is. Businesses will need to focus marketing strategies around rich video content, ratings, product reviews, address, contact information, specialty details, specials and deals, product information and so forth. For a more accurate list, you can check out’s schema types.

With entity search, marketers must focus on people, places and things for keywords and provide more structured data so that their site is easily understood by search engines. Rich media, product reviews, social signals and geo-location information will also greatly impact your site’s ranking in results pages.

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