Simon Says Watch Your Google Alerts

Even though there has been a lot of buzz about Google Alerts not being as comprehensive as they used to be, they still serve a good purpose for finding content. The advice most people get for using them is to monitor their own names to see who is talking about them on the Internet. This is good for those who need to respond quickly to anything negative or just know when they are getting a plug and good publicity. You always want to be alerted about more than your name, though.

First, the best thing about Google Alerts is they give you automatic updates on all the subjects that interest you. Can you imagine having to remember searches on a regular basis on your own? It just would not happen for most people. So, the automatic part of this is the biggest plus, and it can give you a ton of roads to take to provide your audience with content.

An underlying motive of SEO is to keep the trendsetters paying attention to everything that is trending until it is no longer trending. It is also in place to help some people keep the trends going. Google Alerts acts as a monitor for these trends. If nothing is happening there is no alert.

When something is happening, though, it gives a lot of room for content creation. As a provider, you are in a position to become a curator. That means you make sure your audience knows about the things that are trending. Your content points them to the most popular articles and searches. Some people may think of this as being a little lazy, but it is also a way not to reinvent the wheel.

Another way that people use Google Alerts is to get ideas for creating unique content of their own. If something like the auction of NBA legend Michael Jordan’s house is the hottest search in a given day, you could find several ways to connect to that search. Write about other celebrity houses that have been auction; the highest amount ever paid at a house auction; the reasons celebrities auction their houses instead of selling them; or what bidders can expect at a celebrity auction. An alert about popular trends is a siren to a good content creator. The alert tells you what people want to know or what they are willing to read. It is the “Simon Says” for content.

The hallmark of social media is the act of re-posting, or sharing. People will do this without your input. If you can find a perspective that is just a little different from all the current trends or helps people think about the latest buzz in a totally different way, they will be doing more than sharing the original breaking news. They will be sharing your content, too. Simon says this is pay dirt.

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