SEO Tip of the Week: What to Write when you don’t know what to Write

Every week, I say this over and over – “To rank well in Google you need to write fresh, relevant and unique content.  A really good way to do this is via a blog or a news feed”.  I say it over and over to clients and prospective clients.  The reaction is often interesting.  A lot of clients like the idea of sitting down and writing a blog post once a week, but for most it’s a chore and they don’t see the immediate value in it.

Well, I’m a person that practices what I preach.  However today, as I sat down to write, I looked at my list of possible topics.  I really didn’t like any of them.  Most of them were interesting from a really technical SEO perspective, but my heart wasn’t in it.

For the first time I understood how many people feel – what the hell am I going to write about!?

So here are a few suggestions for you when you get writers block:

Write about Client Success

Current and prospective clients love to read about your successes.  Think about all the good stuff you have done this week or this month.  Have you received any positive feedback?  Perhaps you solved a problem for a client?  Did your client benefit more than expected from your service?

Think of some examples now and save them up for when you get writers block.

Write about Industry News

This is probably the easiest one.  Every week you probably read something in the newspaper or online, or hear something on the radio or TV that is a potential article for your blog.  One client of mine writes a really interesting legal blog where she examines court cases (and makes them easy for non-legal people to understand!).

What’s your industry?  What’s your news?

Write a Weekly Tip

Do you know how someone can cook faster and healthier?  Do you have ideas about how to reduce energy bills? Do you have fitness tips and tricks? Do you know the key to acing that job interview?

Whatever industry you are in, you will have a lot of interesting tips to share.

Write about Yourself

Only joking, most people just aren’t that interested!

Photo: Flickr