SEO of 2014: Getting Friendly with Google

It’s not surprising that Google has been updating their algorithms lately. In fact, they do it a lot – almost regularly.

The old approaches of SEO for websites are no longer the trend. Search engine optimisation used to be simple. If you wanted your site to rank, you just used keywords with embedded links to your website. It was so basic, yet in some cases, a lot of other businesses, including many of your competitors, were not even doing it. Once you unlocked the secrets, the SEO of the past was like unlocking a passageway that leads to a room full of customers.

Now, Google has changed SEO from the ground up, and today, there are new rules that we should follow.

Letting those old links go

Now is the perfect time to go over your existing blogs, articles, and other pieces of content, and change your linking strategy. The number of weak links pointing to your site will affect your ranking adversely. And eventually, those links will ruin your chances of ever ranking on Google. Get links from sites that provide organic links and you’ll see better results.

Write for customers, not for Google

At the end of the day, it’s people who will read your articles. They are the ones who are going to interact with you. If they notice that you’re just writing for search engines, you’re just increasing your site’s bounce rate, running the risk of dropping your position in SERPs. Your readers are not robots. You should write for people who need your content so that your content will work for you, your business, and for the Internet.

The end of spun articles

In the past, writers used article spinning tools to replicate and rewrite other pieces of content already on the web. Some overlapping of content coverage still happens, and spinning to create articles is a terrible way of rehashing content.

With the new SEO rules from major search engines like Google, you can lose your page rank if you don’t abide by their rules, which only aspire to give people some honest results. As a trusted SEO company, Nu Studio strictly follows everything indicated on Google’s guidelines. Work with us to experience white hat SEO like no other!