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Selling Trampolines? A Lesson in Keyword Subtlety

In the olden days, you could just mention “trampolines perth” 20 times on your web page and get ranked on Google.  Thank goodness they have gotten smart now, and they actually reward you for writing decent content.  That said, you still have to mention your keywords, but here are some tips on doing it in a subtle way.

Good examples:

“We sell trampolines to Perth families because their kids love them”
“Due to the great weather in Perth, trampolines are a great option …..”
“Our trampoline shop, based in Perth, is a wonderful fun place to bring your kids on a Saturday afternoon”

Bad examples:

“We sell trampolines Perth because kids love them”
“In sunny weather trampolines Perth are a great option…”
“Our trampolines perth shop is a wonderful fun place….”

Remember you are writing for you visitors as well as Google.

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