Ranking Isn’t Everything: Why Conversion is More Important than Being Number One

Getting on top of search engine results pages used to be the ultimate goal of SEO, but not anymore. Over the years, businesses have realized that higher conversion rate is more important than being number one.

According to a study, SEO ranked as the top channel that delivers above-average sales conversions. This is why it’s important to use keywords that your potential customers will search for. A page-one ranking in Google, Yahoo, or Bing doesn’t equate to sales, conversion, and revenue. You need to make sure that you rank for keywords that bring business to your company.

Here’s how you can identify those terms:

Use Keywords Tools and Analytics Report

There are two resources to find high-converting keywords: your analytics report and your keyword search tools. The Google Keyword Planner is a great tool for finding valuable keywords. When performing a keyword search, look for “exact match” to see what potential customers are looking for. It’s also worth checking regional and local information.

Use your analytics report to find what keywords bring people to your site and how effective they are in driving conversions. The report will show you what people are searching for and their path as they move through your site.

Think About Questions

Think about how most people search, and how you search yourself. A study suggests that people search the Internet with real questions. Knowing what these questions are will help you choose better-converting keywords. If a user types in a question and your site has the answer, that person is likely to take up your offer. The questions people usually ask come up as search terms within your analytics reports.

Determine User Intent

Keywords convert if they match what people are looking for or trying to do, so it’s important to keep a close watch on your user content. Check the search terms and see which keywords indicate that users are planning to take action. The more specific the keywords are, the more they’re likely to convert.

Don’t choose keywords for the sake of ranking. Select phrases that drive traffic and inspire your customers to take action instead. Contact us for all your SEO needs and let us help you choose terms that both rank and convert.