SEO Tip of the Week: Write Once and Schedule your Blog Posts

If you are like me, or any other business owner I have ever met, you are probably short on time.  Writing a blog/news post sometimes seems like the last thing you want to (or have time to) do.  Even if you do find the time to write a couple of new posts, you may not want to publish them all at once.

From an SEO perspective, it’s actually better to deliver your blog posts one at a time, spread evenly over a period of time.  For example, 4 posts delivered once per week over a month is often better than publishing all four stories at once.  This is also better for your website visitors as they can see your website always has fresh and relevant content on it.

The problem seems to be that most people find the thought of sitting down every week to write something new and interesting is too time consuming.

Here’s the tip:  Write four pieces of content in one go, and then schedule their publication across the month using your content management system (CMS).

Most CMS systems have this “publish later” feature, but it’s often unused.  Using this feature will save you time and effort – and that’s something we all need!

Most people use WordPress so here’s the link to the WordPress publish later feature.

Photo Credit – Flickr