SEO Tip of the Week: Comment on Local Blogs

Most people who know anything about SEO know that having inbound links to their website from other websites is an important thing.  Google sees inbound links as a vote of approval for your website, and this will help you rank better for your keywords.

Where can I get good quality inbound links?

Over the next few weeks I will be giving you some SEO tips and tricks to help answer this question for you.

Commenting on local blogs is a great way to build a diverse set of links towards your website.  But hold on a minute – please do not just rush off and start spamming every blog in town.  The reason I say to comment on local blogs is that it will create links (in the sense of SEO Link Building), but you are also engaging in the community in which you belong.

I practice what I preach

For example, I often comment on blogs with a view to correcting the author on a couple of issues raised, or I add some valuable commentary.  This helps the author of the blog post, gains me a link, and often people follow that link and check out my own website.  All good things.

How do I find good blogs?

OK, so this is the crux of the issue.  We need to be clever about how we find blogs to comment on.  Here is how you do it.

Go to

In the search box type in:

inurl:location “keyword” comment

If I was a florist, for example, I might type in the search below:

inurl:australia flower comment 

This brought up over 41,00 results.  I clicked on the first three.  The first one and the third one allowed comments, while the second one did not.  Therefore in about 30 seconds I could have gotten two new links toward my website and also contributed something valuable to the community.

Final Thoughts

  • Do not spam every blog you can find
  • Only comment on blogs where you have something useful to say
  • “Nice blog” or “Thanks for the Info” are not useful comments and probably won’t be approved
  • Try to actually connect with the blog writer, you never know where it might lead you
  • Make a point of doing this once a week/fortnight/month – whatever you have time for

Go forth and prosper!

Photo Credit: Flickr