Living La Vida Local

Businesses have been really cashing in on the latest trend for people to shop locally. A Nielsen/Net Ratings survey reported that almost 80 percent of people doing searches are looking for something locally. So, most businesses paying attention to this local movement are spinning their SEO wheels to build a stronger local presence. There are some smart ways to go about doing this.


You have to create profiles on local search directories. This does not mean simply submitting your name and the type of business you run. It means a complete profile with an SEO optimised description, photos, links to your site and video, if you have created multimedia content.

A lot of businesses miss out on local directory referrals because they fail to connect their well-researched SEO words to a geographical reference. For example, if you live in Perth, Western Australia, it does not really pay to say you are a local house painter. You should say you are a house painter in Perth, Western Australia serving Perth metro, Fremantle and the Western Suburbs. That has given your listing a lot more relevant definition, and a pretty wide service area.

It is important to make a plan for submitting slowly to local directories. If you pop up in too many places at once, the search engine may view your listings as spam and lower your rankings. Make sure you also choose the right categories for your business.

Specials and Promotions

Who does not like a discount or a special bargain buy? When you list yourself locally, it is important to make a local connection with people by giving them an incentive to shop with you. Coupons and special promotions that ask new customers to mention your promotion for certain discounts are a good way to start building locally. Trust me, word about discounts passes through local neighbourhoods like rumours.

Do Not Forget Your Address

It seems a very simple thing that needs no mention, but it is an SEO strategy that most people overlook. Embedding your address in the header or footer of an advertisement not only gives people your location, but it gives a specific location that can tell them how close or far they have to go to find you. This is a key consideration for many people, and sometimes, it has the power to bring business that you otherwise would not have gotten.

Watch the Competition

This is simply a nudge to watch which words they are using in their directory listings and advertisements. You want your words to be equally strong, but less competitive. Use words that are not quite as popular and are used less frequently. It keeps you on the radar but not scrambling for the same kind of attention as your competitors.

Watch Yourself

You always have to have a way to see if your strategy is actually working. Nobody wants to keep a static directory listing that is getting no hits. Use Google Analytics and other SEO measurement tools to see who is finding you and determine who is passing you by.

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