Lion Tamer in Perth – A Cautionary Tale

A long, long time ago there was a lion tamer.  He was based in Perth and he was really good at what he did.  He was looking for more business, so he decided to create a website.  Two months after launching the website he noticed that nobody was visiting it.  He got frustrated.

He read around the web about how to get better visibility on Google and decided there was only one thing for it.  He decided that Google may not know that his website was about lion taming.  He looked at his home page and realised that he had only mentioned the words “lion taming” or “lion tamer” 4 times on his page.

The solution was obvious he thought.

“If I write the words ‘lion tamer’ fifty times on my web page, then Google will DEFINITELY know that my website is about lion taming and I HAVE to land on page one.”  He went ahead and rewrote his content, and, hey presto, there he was on page one.  He was as amazed as anyone else, he got lots of business and he was the happiest guy in Perth.

Then one day he went to work and the phone didn’t ring.  Strange, he thought.  Then he checked in Google and his website was nowhere to be seen.  “Hmmm, maybe I should write ‘lion tamer’ fifty more times on my web page.”  Still his website did not recover.  He was left even more frustrated than he began and decided that lion taming was no longer for him.

Sigh, I think this analogy has run its course.  This is the really long way to say, stop stuffing your keywords on to your web pages.  Writing “lion tamer” a hundred times on your web page looks unnatural to Google, and although (amazingly) it did work at one stage, it doesn’t any more.  If you think you should rank better in Google, a good place to start is by checking the content on your site.  If you find you are repeating the same words over and over again, then consider rewriting your content.  This simple tip may get you a few more positions ahead in Google, and will certainly be less frustrating for your website visitors to read.

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