Link Devaluation by “Google Continual Crawl”

Gradual Drop in Ranking

There has been a recent trend noticed by a few people in the world of SEO in the past few months, and leads most SEO professionals to believe that Google has made some recent changes when it comes to detecting bad links around the web. It seems that Google is now reducing the rank of certain websites around the web who have bad links. While this is not really a bad thing, the one note of significance is that the loss in rank seems to be gradual. In other words, Google is giving webmasters time to fix bad links since most websites are not able to fix them immediately.

Links Gone Bad

Google has long had certain algorithms that are able to detect certain bad links around the web, but this new process from Google seems to indicate that they are able to continual check websites for bad links and give webmasters hints that they need to update their links. If any webmaster notices that they are slowing falling off the map when it comes to PageRank, then perhaps they should look into all of the links on their websites to see if any of them have gone bad.

Continual Crawl

The major change that comes with this new Google revelation is that Google no longer needs to make huge updates, such as Penguin, when it comes to targeting websites who have a ton of bad links. Google can now continually crawl the web for bad links and penalize websites that have bad links instantly. The penalties are not that severe right away, but they can definitely get rather serious over time. Webmasters should still make a point to remove any bad links as soon as they pop up. In fact, there is now more incentive to remove bad links as soon as possible because websites will be penalized for these bad links rather quickly.

PageRank Constantly Updated

Google is trying to automate as much of the website review process as possible, and this latest change is just a preview of what is to come in the future. Google had to move to a more continual process for penalties at some point, and it seems that they are now there when it comes to bad links. This increased automation in the crawling process means that PageRanks will be updated in real time and there will be less of a lag when it comes to a change in a certain website’s rank on Google’s search results.

Quality Content Required

At the end of the day, all webmasters should be embracing this new feature from Google. A continual crawl of the web was always in the cards for the search engine giant, and efficient search results should be exactly what every webmaster wants to see. Everyone involved in SEO knows that “quality content” is the only thing that Google values at the end of the day, and it seems that they are starting to move towards an algorithm that is actually able to let the quality content rise to the top. As long as you are not a spammer or scammer, you should be happy about the continued improvements to Google’s algorithms.