Isagenix Australia – A New Client Story took a hit in their rankings on 22nd May 2013.  They came to us for help and here is the start of the story.

The website aim to rank for keywords related to “isagenix”.  This is the brand name of the products they sell.

Why did their rankings drop?

Well, on the 22nd May 2013 Google released an algorithm update – a major one.  They were trying to weed out bad backlinks amongst other things.  Anyone who took a serious hit in their rankings on that day can assume 99.9% that they got “hit by the penguin”.  This means that some or all the links they had built in the past had been discounted.  Here is what it looks like in graph form.  A respectable ranking of #10 for “isagenix australia” dropped to #35 in one day.

Analysing their backlinks

Analysing their backlinks we can clearly see that they have been created by a piece of software – not good.  Creating links with software seems like a good idea, and it did work for a while, but Google are really cracking down of this kind of behaviour.  They are trying to reward websites that have earned links rather than putting a piece of software on auto-pilot and clicking go.

Disavow with a machete

Matt Cutts, head of Google webspam, says if you suspect that the link profile of a website has been penalised then disavow, and do it with a machete not a scalpel.  Out with the machetes then.  In the case of this website we downloaded every backlink from Google Webmaster tools.  Upon analysis we decided to disavow every single link on the list.  This may seem drastic, but honestly they had no decent links to begin with.

The result

It is too early to determine the exact result from all of this.  However, one month later we can see some positive ranking increases.  One month is not a long time in SEO so we will continue to create good quality links to the website, create good content, and do the right things.  Below is a chart of the upwards swing within the last 30 days.


Edit:  Since seeing the awesome business model at Isagenix, I have now partnered with Detox Matters and Isagenix.  You can check out the Isagenix product range here –