How to Repurpose your Content

The same adage rings true for any type of work: you can work hard or you can work smart. For bloggers and online marketers alike, working smart means repurposing existing content in any and every way possible. Rather than creating new content all the time, the smart bloggers curate the content they already have. In this way, you can extend the shelf life of existing pieces while growing your site in the process.

Find New Angles

Repurposing content involves finding new ways to convey the same message from different angles or in different formats. Depending on the topic or theme, individual blog posts can take on different forms. Both audio and video formats offer new ways to repurpose existing blog posts. The same approach can be used with multiple blog posts that address the same topics. Multiple posts can make for a helpful mini-report, slideshare or speech presentation.

Add to Existing Material

Some blog posts may hold the seeds for larger ideas, or may even new topics altogether. Many of your older posts may only touch on areas where there’s a lot more to say. A quick brainstorm session with one or two choice blog posts may uncover whole new areas for content ideas and development. Bloggers who’ve been around for a while can find a rich source of repurposing ideas by mining their old archives for material.

Social Media Content

The short, pithy messages that abound on social media sites make for a rich reservoir of ideas for new posts. Tweets and comments made by you or those made by someone else and shared by you are good places to start. The particularly resonate ones can easily be expanded into blog posts or series of posts. Likewise, if you’ve shared someone else’s content, there’s a good chance more can be said on the topic as a whole.

Repurposing content does still require a certain degree of due diligence to ensure quality is preserved.