How to Get Five Times More Traffic to your Website

Businesses that blog more than 20 times per month get 5 times more traffic than those that blog less than 4 times per month

Source: HubSpot data from 4,000 businesses surveyed in 2011

Is your website a busy street with lots of customers looking to buy?  Or is it isolated and devoid of traffic?

One reason could be because you don’t keep a blog.  I read the statistic above a long time ago, and I was reminded of it again recently.  It’s a sobering thought.

So why does blogging bring in more traffic?

Quite simply, it’s because Google can see:

  • there are more pages on your website
  • there is more text to index
  • your website is being updated regularly
  • you are providing valuable content to your customers

These are all good things as far a Google is concerned.

Now what would you do with those extra visitors to your website?

Assuming your conversion rate remains the same, you would have five times more customers, five times more sales, five times more money, and retire five times earlier – and who doesn’t want that!?

Photo: Flickr