How to Become a Successful Google Plus Author

If you have done any searching on Google over the past few months, you may have noticed an increase in the amount of special author pages that seem to pop up at the top of the page. It seems that Google is helping Google Plus authors who decide to link their Google Plus account with their articles, and you can help the overall exposure that you can get through Google by linking your Plus account. Author Rank is something new that has been inserted into the Google Algorithms, so you cannot expect it to work perfectly quite yet. Having said that, it is still worth your time to go ahead and work on your Google Plus Author Rank. Here are some tips that you can use to get started with this new concept in the world of SEO.

1 – Become a Google Plus Author

The simplest thing you can do to help your Google Plus Author Rank is to create a Google Plus account. You need to claim your articles around the web. Once you have linked your Google Plus account with all of your blog posts and articles, you will notice that an embedded version of your Google Plus account will actually show up with your articles and blog posts in Google’s search results. Not only will your Google Plus account improve your ranking, but it will also make your posts stick out over the rest of the search results that you are directly competing with on a daily basis.

2 – Start to Use Google Plus

Once you have your Google Plus account, you need to make sure that Google knows that you are important. Start using Google as often as possible because Google will only take Google+ accounts seriously if they are active. Start making Google Plus posts on a regular basis, and also make sure to use the +1 button rather often. If you like a website, hit that +1 button before you share it on Twitter and Facebook. You also need to add the +1 button to all of your posts so Google will know that people enjoy the content on your website.

3 – Increase Your Clout on Google Plus

One last thing you can do to help your Google Plus Author Rank is to get more connections on Google Plus. It will be easy for Google to see that you are important if you are in everyone’s Google Plus circles, and you are more likely to show up on people’s search results if you are a person who is well-connected around the web. You can almost view this tip as a version of backlinks for Google+. Whenever you make a new connection or are added to someone’s Google+ circles, you are effectively creating a backlink that lets everyone know that you are creating quality content. Of course, you still need to make sure that you are actually creating content that people want to read at the end of the day because that is the best way to get more people to follow you and read everything else that you have to say.

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