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How Google Hummingbird Affected Local SEO for Perth Businesses

The Google Hummingbird update proposed some new and subtle challenges for online marketing teams. For one, there was some confusion over whether the update was designed to challenge local SEO specifically. With the new update, Google wanted to create better matches from queries to results especially with features like voice search becoming more popular. However, it resulted in some local content dropping down from its rank as Google tries to interpret content more specifically for its users. You can improve your local SEO with these methods.

Create FAQ Content

It’s not necessarily a new SEO concept to focus on FAQs, but if you think about the type of questions that voice search users ask, you can pose these questions and answer them directly on your FAQs page. Google is trying to edge out content mills like eHow and to help the local service or store get more exposure in results pages. This means that if a user asks “How to get pet stains out of carpet,” and a local store sells pet stain remover and has this question in their FAQs, you’re more likely to be higher in the results for the query.

Publish Content with Unique Information

You can come up with new ideas for content using data that relates to your target industry It’s important that content is always updated and fresh for your users, which engages with trends and shows that you are plugged into the industry. With your business data, you can create topics that answer the most popular questions being asked by Google users and develop a content strategy that will focus on local SEO while also providing answers to the user’s question. To reinforce the local aspect of your content, you also have to keep your content updated for targeted service locations. Some ways to do this include:

  • User-generated content maps that show what’s trending for your target audience
  • Customer reviews, tweets and Facebook updates from staff
  • Allow user comments on your pages and answer comments publicly

The whole point of the update is to push businesses to create more relevant content and to give back to their users with more information that is relevant to their industry and location. As long as you are including answers to popular questions about your industry, incorporating local SEO keywords and engaging with users through social media, your site should still rank highly in local results.

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