How do I get Ranked on Google?

People always ask me:  “How do I get ranked on Google?” My immediate response to them, basically, is, “It’s very difficult, but with a good strategy, you will get there.”

Create good content

Probably the most important thing to have on your website is good content. So the days of a five-page website ranking well are just gone. You just cannot really do it, unless you’re in a very, very low-competitive niche, but most of us aren’t. Therefore, keeping a blog is a very good way to rank on page one of Google. It does require time and effort, but the benefits are immense. You have benefits because people will actually visit your website a lot more when they find your content through Google, and it also sets you apart from your competitors, because you appear as a thought leader in your industry, and that can be no bad thing.

Keep your content up-to-date

Google does like relevant, unique, and up-to-date content. Its job is to give users what they want. Users, for them, are people who are searching in Google. If they see two websites, for example, one has five pages and has not been updated for five years, and one has started with five pages five years ago, but did one blog post per week for the last five years, that’s approximately 250 extra blog posts in their website all other things being equal, the bigger, more up-to-date website is going to rank better.

Become a thought leader

So instead of wasting your time and your money doing dodgy things, thinking about spammy ways to get lots of links towards your website, etc., why not consider writing a blog every week, keeping it up-to-date, and becoming a thought leader in your field?

Image: Flickr