Google Panda and Penguin Updates are Coming Soon

Google’s SEO superstar, Matt Cutts, has let it be known that there are some Panda and Penguin updates coming out in the near future. The Google Panda update is expected by Friday at the latest, although it could come out as late as Monday. In addition to letting everyone know about the upcoming Panda update, Matt also let everyone know that a Penguin update is currently in the works at the Google headquarters.

Google Panda is the update that Google uses to focus on making sure that high quality content rises to the top of the search results. Google has put a focus on cutting out poor content over the past few years, and they have been able to successfully anger scammers and spammers all around the world who focus on other aspects of web design rather than simply creating good content for their viewers. It is important to track your web traffic over the next few weeks to see what kinds of effects the Panda update will have on your websites.

There is less information available on the Google Penguin update that should hit the web in the future, but Matt Cutts went as far to say that this next update will bring in a new generation of Penguin. The Penguin update will focus on unnatural backlinks and other methods of SEO that are frowned upon, which should be welcomed by any honest webmaster. Matt Cutts has stated that the upcoming Google Penguin update will become the most talked about algorithm update in a few years, which leads to speculation that it could directly impact a large number of websites around the Internet.

Google has made it a practice to go after various link networks that exist solely for the purpose of creating powerful backlinks to other websites around the web. If you have a large amount of backlinks coming from major link networks, then you may want to make some improvements to your overall SEO campaigns. Google tends to look down upon the low quality backlinks that can come from link networks that really hold no purpose for readers. It has been stated that Google will also try to add a merchant quality rating into their search engine algorithms, but it is not yet clear as to how this could work. It might be a good idea to make sure that you are a respected merchant around the web before the Penguin update affects everyone because you can never truly know what Google has up its sleeve. If they are able to hurt the PageRanks of websites that tend to get poor reviews from past customers, then this would be a quantum leap for the search engine industry.