search engine and google rankings

Google doesn’t even rank for the keyword “search engine”

I was bored last Saturday afternoon and for no apparent reason I typed “search engine” into  Above is a screen shot of what came back.  I was shocked, but also quite pleased to see that Google came up 4th.

Wikipedia, who always seem to be first, was actually second.  Nice to see.

Dogpile, who I think I heard about in the pre-Google days, was number one.  I’ve never used it, have you?

Even Bing got in ahead of Google.  Wonders never cease.

So what’s my point here?

Well, the main point here is that never actually mentions the key phrase “search engine” on its page.  Its own algorithms will not rank it number one, because the key phrase doesn’t appear.  You can clearly see from the words in bold that the other 3 websites do mention the keywords and therefore rank ahead of it.

How could Google fix this?

Simply by changing their title to “Google | Search Engine”, putting the term “search engine” in the meta description, and mentioning the phrase, or some variant of it, in the main text of the website would do the trick.  Or they could just tell their algorithm to favour Google websites – but I’m glad they don’t.

In saying all that, I’m sure they don’t really care that much, but it’s food for thought anyway.