four seo mistakes to avoid

Four SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Technology is moving at a rapid pace, and if you aren’t keeping up with the changes to SEO, you may be left behind. Much of the walls between online and offline business have fallen in the past year. There are some common and less common SEO mistakes that will most likely bring your site down if you’re not careful.

1. You’re Stuck in 2005

You shouldn’t be looking at last year’s successful SEO strategy and plan to do the same thing. Instead, you can invest in analytics tools and create economic and strategic goals for your SEO. You should think about what will increase sales with the new digital age and how to grow your business. Becoming more cost-effective is another goal to keep in mind. It could be beneficial to hire an external SEO consultant if you’re not sure how to keep up.

2. Getting Involved in the Little Things

It’s impossible to avoid but as business owners and managers, it can be easy to get involved with too much of the details. Micro-managing only leads to more stress and wasteful practices. You should let your SEO consultant take over and implement a strategy that will work. It’s important to consult with your consultant and not try to provide unrealistic directives like, “I need two hundred more links this week.” SEO consultants are experts for a reason and will always do what’s in your site’s best interest.

3. No Synergy in Business Structure

The organizational structure of your business must have a flow and adaptability to evolve with new technology. Departments should be organized for the best communication and collaborative efforts. Work should also be assigned to the right departments. You should also focus on meeting consumer’s needs, which means turning the conversation back to how you can solve someone’s problem with your service.

4. Lack of Hybrid SEO Experts

Today’s SEO experts have to be a combination of analyst, business developer and marketing wizard. They should be able to find unique ways to get customers to see your products and designate business opportunities while optimizing each part of your business. SEO experts must also know how to combine social media, PR, mobile units and search engines for effective strategies.

You should also make SEO a top priority for your business and allocate a larger part of your budget to hiring SEO experts or services. While you may think that low-cost SEO is best for your business, it may be the reason why you’re unable to outrank your competitors or even get into the top pages of search engine results.