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Encrypted Searches: What’s the Silver Lining?

It may seem like the end of the world. Google has cut off keyword data, so SEO content creators can no longer determine which keywords are landing visitors on their sites. The move to encrypted searches has removed the ability to track visitors and evaluate which keywords are the most effective. Although there are many SEO marketers who fear they are dead in the water, there may actually be a silver lining in this Google change.

First, it will place the emphasis on great content instead of farming keywords. Those who have been committed to creating the best content for an intended audience will feel little effect. Although they have used keywords, they did not rely so heavily on these keywords in order to make good content. What is happening now shifts everything from monitoring content at the keyword level to monitoring the quality of content at the page level.

Some have already started to interpret this change a much harder work for SEO marketers. Maybe it is. What seems inevitable, though, is the talent in the SEO world will begin to rise and the gimmicks will either change enough to become talent or flatline just like their keyword data returns.

To be clear, I am not really suggesting that we not cry over spilled milk. I am weighing in to say that for some of us, there is no spilled milk. The glass is still pretty full. We entered the world of SEO knowing that we had to deliver on one good thing: great websites, great content, great coding. Those who have tried to deliver something other than this great thing are now scrambling to survive. The truth is good content is rather abundant. The web is flooded with people who can construct sentences using good grammar and who have the ability to write something that is slightly interesting. It is not enough. Content has to be great.

Sometimes when there is a major change, and we find ourselves not ready for it, it is easy to simply complain and not change with change. It is still possible to get some information on keywords, if you still want to stay focused on that. You can connect your Google AdWords account to Google Analytics and get some keyword information that way. You can also keep monitoring your rankings in the search engine to determine how your content is doing. If you are really still wed to keywords, you can still go to other search engines like Bing and Yahoo to get that information. Be prepared, though. If Google’s encrypted search decision is a huge trend, it could eventually spread.

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