Effective Keyword Research in 5 Easy Steps

Without fail, good keyword research is the bread and butter of any successful online venture. Ultimately, it’s the paying customers you want to attract and not just any one who happens to click on your site link. Using the right keyword terms is the way to attract them.

As competitive as the Internet has become, the keywords with the highest traffic volume and lowest competition will produce the best results. Here are five steps for finding the right keywords for your site:

The 5 Steps

Step 1 –
Start out with a list of the search terms your audience is most likely to use. One good way to generate keyword ideas is to right-click on a competitor’s web page and view the source code. The Meta keywords section contains the most important keywords for the site. Try combining these terms with your own list to start out.

Step 2 –
Enter your list of terms into the free Google Keyword tool. After clicking the search button, you’ll see a list of related keywords with their monthly traffic volumes.

Step 3 –
Copy this list onto an Excel sheet and sort the terms based on highest monthly traffic and lowest competition. Using this new list, do a sort based on highest monthly traffic volume. Select the five keywords that best go with your website.

Step 4 –
With the five selected keywords, check their overall competitiveness for SEO purposes with the free Web SEO Analytics tool. This particular tool checks competitiveness for both paid and organic searches. The Google tool only offers results for paid searches. Keywords showing low to moderate competition are the ones to target.

Step 5 –
To keep up with each term’s rank status, use SEOBook’s free rank tracking software. Using this tool will allow you to gauge your SEO efforts based on how each term performs rank-wise.

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