Content that Buzzes: Digital Marketing Takeaways from Buzzfeed

Log in to any social media account, browse through your feed and you’re sure to find at least one link or post related to Buzzfeed. This social news and entertainment website has taken the world of social media and digital marketing by storm.

Buzzfeed has become one of the most dominant forces when it comes to generating viral content. Even if you know someone who hates the site or some of its post, the numbers don’t lie, the site is a hit. In fact, back in November 2013, Buzzfeed recorded its biggest traffic month ever, with more than 130 million unique views from around the world.

So, how exactly does Buzzfeed do it? Here are a few key takeaways that’ll hopefully give your marketing strategies a boost.

Light-hearted Content

Keep your content light-hearted. While your products or services might not be upbeat, you can always turn your content into something more relatable. Give your posts a human interest angle, as these articles typically get shared on social media more frequently.

New and Interesting Information

More than just getting views and expanding networks, give your audience the gift of knowledge. People want to be smarter, and most often than not, they want to know what many others don’t.

Make sure to keep your customers updated on the latest and most interesting things so they can brag not just about the post, but also your website the next time they share the bit of info they got from you.

The Feeling of Community and Involvement

In creating your articles, make your customers feels like they’re connecting to other people. Buzzfeed is famous for connecting everything from Disney princesses, TV shows, and Hollywood updates to news-worthy topics. This type of content generates a lot of buzz because it’s what people relate to. The more relatable your post is, no matter how weird, the more it will be shared.

Also, many of their posts are contributions from regular readers. This is another way to generate share-worthy content. Make the readers suggest, if not completely write, the topic. That way, you’re sure the topic will be very interesting and it’s something they will actually check out.

Now that you’ve learned some of Buzzfeed’s secret to success, how will you change your digital marketing strategy? Get in touch with us and we’d be glad to help you with any SEO and digital marketing needs.

photo credit: Merlijn Hoek