Content: It is All About Me, Right?

There are two mistakes that people make when they are providing SEO optimised content: 1) they talk too much about themselves and 2) they bore their audiences with their subject matters. The world of content has had some pretty strong demands in order to keep helping people stand out. Right now, there is so much content being created every minute, that after a few reads, a legitimately interest reader is lost in the drone of ordinary nothingness. This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

One thing that is leading to a real challenge in creating fresh content is the tendency of most people to talk about themselves. Unless you are an artist sharing an ongoing creative process or you are a millionaire sharing your money-making secrets, most people are ready to turn the page after the first 10 words.

It is good to remember that a space that holds content represents and opportunity for a conversation, a dialogue between the creator and an audience who is always listening. If that audience only hears the continuing tales of “me,” the end result is no real audience. Sadly, many companies and individual site owners still do not get this important SEO message. They cheat customers out of an authentic experience often by rehashing old news as something new and profound or they stretch a concept that could be summed up in three words into a long page of fluff.

Audiences are smart and they see right through it. If you do it enough, the people you want to reach will eventually refuse to see you when you come with new content. It is human nature, really. When someone shovels enough manure in your direction, you learn to always pinch your nose. Snappy titles will begin to constantly stink, to reek of the same old nonsense in a new package.

One of the best secrets to avoiding getting this reputation is to always deliver something that is worth everyone’s attention. You want people to know that if your name is on it, it is worth their time and they will likely walk away with something valuable. Too often, people to generate content are so worried about the quantity of words and the act of filling up space that they ignore their obligation to provide something new and useful.

As a content provider, you have to not only be smart about SEO, but you have to put yourself in the viewer’s shoes. Does your content authoritatively fill a need? Is it genuine or disingenuous? Your audience will always tell you how you what you are doing and who you really are.

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