avoid problems with google authorship

Avoiding Problems with Google Authorship

Changes to Google algorithms now place emphasis on expert authors. This means that Google Authorship will play a larger role in how sites are ranked in the future. Authorship basically adds a byline to Google search results and makes it easy for users to search for a topic and pick an article written by an author they recognize. These are some tips to building a building better Google Authorship.

1. Authorship Has One Author

Authorship isn’t supposed to be used for a list of links or a feed for a blog. It’s for content written by one author. A single article should include an author’s byline under the title, and this byline should show the same name as it is in the author’s Google+ profile.

2. Authorship is Not Property Listings or Product Pages

Google wants to present a certain type of content with Authorship. Generic content like service descriptions, product pages, property specifications and the like will not benefit from Google Authorship. People who are looking for authors want to read a specific article.

3. Multiple Authors Not Yet Supported

Google Authorship is also for articles written by one author. You can choose to tag one author for collaboration posts. Google has suggested that they are looking for a way to include a multiple authorship tool.

4. Are You A Person?

Authorship is for people who are writing. It can’t be a representative for a company or a persona that you developed for multiple authors to post under. The reason is that Google wants authors to be credible and identifiable in search.

5. rel=author Different From rel=publisher

Google also stated in its update that rel=publisher and rel=author are not the same. With rel=publisher, it’s a way for a company to show business authorship as it will link to a business’ Google+ profile.

Google Authorship has become a greater way for you to show expert content and gain a higher ranking in results. Statistics have also shown that once visitors recognize an author, they are more likely to click on that author again if they liked previously written content.

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