Are You Successful? Measuring SEO Success Rate

Measuring success is always a contentious issue; how can anybody really say that they’re better than the person next to them? In all the competitions humanity has engaged itself in the past two millennia, true success is only guaranteed when there are rules and numbers involved. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

This is the reason measuring SEO success is a sometimes frustrating endeavour. It’s not that there aren’t any numbers, it’s that there are too many. There are clicks, rankings, bounce rates, and everything in between. It literally takes a team of experts to keep track of them all, not to mention considering all the possible meanings the numbers represent.

Bow to Google

The first thing clients and people interested in SEO need to remember is that all of their goals depend on the algorithms of an almighty omniscient being, Google. The world’s foremost search engine is the platform through which most SEO companies make their presence felt. So it only makes sense that everything these companies do depend on what Google deems as fitting to be on the first page. The important thing to keep track of is which metric Google algorithms give priority to, and monitor how well your campaigns are doing on those metrics.

Some SEO companies will employ a blanket strategy that will try to elevate all of their metrics simultaneously. While this is generally a good strategy, it’s exhausting and a terrible misuse of resources.

Focus Resources

To explain in sporting terms, games are decided by the team or person who scores the most points. While other aspects of the game factor into the team’s performance, all of it goes into the effort of scoring more points. It doesn’t matter how many passes or turnovers a team makes or forces if they fail at the one metric that matters. Once a team knows what they’re supposed to be shooting for to gain success, they have a better chance of formulating an effective strategy towards that goal and achieving it.

If your business is unaware of how it stands against the rest in terms of exposure, give us a call. Our teams are experienced in every aspect of SEO. We will explain them in simple terms so that no one is kept in the dark, and everyone knows what’s happening.

photo credit: Barbara.K