What is Nu Studio?

steve deane profile2SEO, online marketing, training. After working in the web development business for the past fifteen years, my specialism has become the provision of SEO services i.e. get people onto page one of Google, but more importantly helping them drive sales through their websites.

What is the big picture?

I choose to work with a small number of loyal clients. Growing to be the biggest SEO company in Perth/Australia does not interest me. To be seen as a boutique company with quality services, results and great customer service is the main focus.

Why SEO?

I have a genuine passion for business and success – not only my own, but for others too. I realise that I want to help people succeed online, rather than “just doing SEO”.  I have personally built hundreds of websites and have seen people wondering “what happens next?”  SEO is the “what happens next”.  You have a website, now you need people to visit it, interact with it, and ultimately do business with you.

What do my clients say?

I like to make people feel good about their businesses. A lot of feedback indicates that people find me honest and trustworthy and this makes them feel safe and cared for. Many people get a huge amount of SEO spam, and may have been badly burned by an SEO provider in the past. There seems to be a sense of relief when they come across my company. I can almost hear them saying – “Thank goodness I’m in good hands here”.  Please read some of my testimonials.