30 Interesting SEO Experiments: Part 6 of 6

26. Google Filtering from Country to Country

As Google filters work differently in different countries, marketers set out to see how a country-specific Google filter tracks visitors for sites hosted in other countries. The test site used nofollow links that linked from an Israeli web host. Turns out Google uses automatic filters that kick in regardless of where a website originates or where it shows up.

27. Local Link Building with Phone Numbers

In this experiment, online marketers attempted to build sets of local links using phone numbers from local, competing businesses to accumulate locally-based backlinks. Once they had the links to the businesses, it was easy to access local business listings and review site links.

28. The Importance of Ongoing SEO Maintenance

Over time, large sites may start to see their rankings slip as it becomes harder to maintain tags, content and keyword links. This experiment worked with a large news site in dire need of maintenance. The results showed a 30 percent increase in traffic after cleaning up duplicate content, configuring a site map and tidying up tag and keyword links.

29. Which Tags Carry the Most Weight with Google?

As Google evolves, the use and need for certain web page tags evolves accordingly. With keyword stuffing being a “no-no,” knowing which tags to use can help with SEO ranking. Marketers set out to see which tags still mattered to Google. The results showed Google placed the most importance on link anchors, title tags, ALT tags and heading tags.

30. Your Experiments

Have you completed any SEO experiments on your site?  What worked and what didn’t?  Feel free to contact us with your insights and we will include them in our next round.