3 Ways You Can Improve SEO Through the Source Code

Although most people think mainly about viewable content, blogs and articles when it comes to SEO, there are a large number of ways you can improve your PageRank in the source code of your website. It takes more than tossing a few keywords around your website to get the rank that you desire, and one way to improve your overall standing on various search engines is to add some SEO keywords into your source code. The search engine crawlers look at everything when they crawl your website, which means you can give yourself some extra brownie points when you add some key terms to your source code. Here are some of the areas of your source code that you may want to change to improve your PageRank.

1 – The Canonical URL Tag

The canonical tag allows you to make sure that the web spiders know unique content when they see it. Duplicate content around the web can be an issue in certain situations, especially when you find another website that is actually ranking higher by stealing your content. It is important to make sure that you know how to use the canonical tag correctly because it can have negative effects on your site if you use it in the wrong way.

2 – Keep Your PHP to Yourself

One problem that can be found on many websites these days is that the PHP or C# code can be found in the HTML of the webpages. This should be avoided at all costs for a variety of different reasons, but the main reason is that you do not want hackers and other troublemakers to be able to see more of your source code. The Googlebots will also see this source code when they crawl your website, and they may decide to knock you down a peg if your source code is filled with a bunch of non-HTML materials.

3 – Don’t Try to Fool the Web Spiders

One thing that many young webmasters like to do is keyword stuff the source code with a bunch of extra key terms. While it is perfectly alright and advisable to add keywords to your source code, you do not want to add this extra content as hidden text that does not show up on your website. The Google web crawlers are smart enough to know when someone is trying to cheat the system, so you will end up hurting your overall PageRank if you try to add a wall of keyword stuffed text in the source code of your website.

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