3 Reasons Your Site Can’t Recover from a Penguin Hit

Back in 2012, Google rolled out the Penguin algorithm. This proved to be a drastic change in the SEO landscape, as it penalised websites that depended heavily on low-quality link building. The algorithm recently received another update, the Penguin 4.0, affecting many sites once more with its spam fighting programming.

For most websites, recovery from Penguin is downright difficult. After all, there are many reasons that could hinder your site from getting back on track, such as these three:

Incorrect disavowing

There are a couple of things that could go wrong when you’re doing a disavow or a link cleanup campaign. One major mistake many marketers make is that they fail to disavow the link on the domain level, thus retaining the bad link. Additionally, the link cleanup may not have been broad enough to cover all the toxic links connected to your website.

Inadequate good links

Penguin flags all bad links and retains only those that Google deems natural. In effect, recovering from Penguin requires more than just simply disavowing all toxic links on your site; you need to have enough natural links to see some significant improvement. When this happens, you have to focus more on building high quality links.

Influence of other algorithms

Other algorithms can also play a role in your Penguin recovery. Panda and Penguin, for one, can hit you at the same time, penalising you for both on-page content and unnatural links. Simultaneously, Hummingbird might have also affected the search results, thus making it seem that you’re recovering slowly.

Do note that it’s possible that the Penguin algorithm just hasn’t refreshed yet, thus you will have to wait until it does before you see the improvement on your website.

Nonetheless, when you suspect one of these three reasons that might be affecting your website, it’s time to call Nu Studio for assistance. As a trusted SEO agency in Australia, we will help you regain your online traction and keep your site on Google’s good side. Give us a call today and let us improve your online presence.

photo credit: Sidereal