3 Interesting Topics to Write About on Your Company Blog

Marketers are online for hours on end and most of their time is spent reading, writing, commenting on, and publishing articles. If you are one of the many that manage a blog, you need to know that one of the hardest things to do is overcome writer’s block.

Company blogs are a great way to connect with customers, feature your business and the people behind it, and show prospective clients your industry expertise. Knowing what to write about, however, always seems to be a problem for bloggers and content marketers.

With that, here are a few suggestions on what to write about in your company blog that could help take it to the next level.

A Solution to Major Problems

Customers often come to your site as part of an effort to find a solution to a problem. Most people browse through websites figuring out what products to buy, what steps to take to improve their marketing, or to figure out what’s going wrong with business.

Use your blog to help solve their problems. You can start by answering FAQs and presenting the ideas in a useful, easy-to-understand format. Producing content based on real customer concerns and queries ensures you’re writing content people will actually want to read.

Infographics and Anything Visual

Internet users love anything visually-pleasing, so incorporating videos, images, infographics, and other visual elements will only boost your blog’s readability. When telling your story, include images that explain where you came from and show the audience just how good your company is through an infographic or video.

Visual stories, awesome videos, and well-designed infographics are more likely to get shared and re-blogged.

The Human Side of Business

A great way to get customers to read your blog is to add insights, opinions, and personal stories that are not directly marketing-related but still within your industry. Write and share stories that your target audience can relate to. Show them a personal and human side, not just the products and services you offer.

Think about adding personal photos and insights, tips, and stories worth sharing. Connect with consumers on a deeper level, and one easy way to do that by is appealing to the emotions.

Great company blogs are a goldmine for your company and for readers, but only if you know what type of content to produce. We can make this easier for you. Get in touch with us now and we’ll be glad to offer our expertise to help build your brand and online presence.